Accessible Bi-fold Shower Enclosures

Awarded “Most Innovative Bath Enclosure” by Glass magazine in 2012 for our corner bi-fold enclosure. Wilson Glass also received the 2012 Crystal Achievement Award which highlights significant innovations and achievements in window and door technology, manufacturing and marketing.

Our bi-folding enclosures have nothing mounted to the floor, no thresholds or door guides.  We use a vinyl sweep that slides onto the bottom of the door panels to direct water inward.  Our folding shower doors are great for curbless shower enclosures.

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Enclosures are designed for 3/8″ thick, tempered glass.

We offer three different header systems.

Wilson Glass Corner Double Bi-fold Accessible Shower
Stainless Steel Roller System
Hydroslide Header Bi-fold
Curbless Folding Shower Doors
Ceiling Mounted Steam Shower

Our doors can be installed in showers, over tubs or both.

The maximum door width is 50 inches.  We can accommodate any size opening. Openings larger than 50 inches can be configured to be left open, have a fixed panel or utilize double doors.  No matter the space, we have a solution.

Wilson Glass Bifold
Hydroslide Tri-fold with Fixed Panel
Wilson Glass Bi-fold Double Doors Shower Enclosure
Double Door Enclosure
Wilson Glass Tri-fold
Hydroslide Header Through Glass Corner Enclosure
Through Glass Hydroslide Corner Enclosure
Through Glass Corner Bi-fold Shower Door

Our doors can be made to fold mostly inward, outward or centered.

Wilson Glass Bi-fold
Inward Folding Bi-fold

We have made doors with two, three, four and even five panels.  A unique solution for tight spaces.

Tiny House Shower Door
Three Panel Door
Wilson Glass Bifold
Corner Enclosure with a Four Panel Door
Tiny Bathroom Solutions
Five Panel Wilson Bi-fold Enclosure
Wilson Glass Tri-fold Shower Door
Tri-fold Shower Door
Untitled drawing (24)
Corner Bi-fold Shower Doors

Minimalist Shower Door

Brushed nickel is the only standard hardware finish available.  Custom powder coating or chrome polishing is available upon request for additional cost and extended lead time.

No two doors are ever quite alike.  We do not carry any stock sizes.  Orders can take 90 days or more to fulfill.

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